ISO 27017:2015: Internal Auditor Training

ISO 27001:2013 Internal Auditor Training

Information Technology- Security techniques – Code of Practice for Information Security Controls based on ISO

Course Overview

  • To equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to assess and report on the conformance and effective implementation of an Information Security management system in accordance with ISO 19011.
  • Describe the responsibilities of an internal auditor and describe the role of internal audit in the maintenance and improvement of management systems, in accordance with ISO 19011
  • Risk Management Process
  • Concepts specific to the cloud environment
  • Information security risks in cloud services
  • Fundamentals of ISO/IEC 27017:2015 and its framework
  • Benefits of implementing ISO/IEC 27017:2015
  • Relationship between ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO 27002: 2013 ( Information Technology- Security Techniques-Code of Practice for Information Security Controls) and ISO/IEC 27017:2015
  • Exploring and selecting ISO/IEC 27017:2015 controls relevant to risk assessment as per realistic situation
  • Specific guidance for cloud service customers and cloud service providers
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