Setting up a school

NGO in a village in Bokaro, India

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At Bluezoneinfoseq, we believe in giving back what we have received in ways that will benefit the society. Bluezoneinfoseq decided for an early start in its "CSR" activity with a will to removing malnutrition, improving healthcare infrastructure, supporting primary education, rehabilitating destitute individuals and providing help at places where reaching out to help was a concern.

The Company’s focus has always been to contribute to the sustainable development of society and the environment, and to make our planet more livable for future generations.

Our journey started way back in Feb 2009. The place was totally unattended with just a little place to live without any convenience of water and toilette facilities. It was made livable and a school was started for the tribal and nearby children of villages.

Our Objectives


Eradicating extreme hunger, poverty and malnutrition, promoting preventive healthcare and sanitation and making available safe drinking water.

We provide with monthly poor feeding programs where tribals and villagers nearby get free and healthy food.


Promoting education, among children coming from tribal background and villages for almost free, thereby strengthening the rural areas.

Promoting health care services to places where it is unaffordable and more often than not, neglected due to lack of facilities and money.

The villages benefit from regular medical camps being organized and are happy to share their problems and get solutions to their health issues.
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